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Eco-friendly cleaning services

The  idea of starting a  "green" cleaning company grew after researching how  to  live a healthier  lifestyle. It started with a simple change  here, a tweak there and the  ball had started rolling.  My first focus was the obvious  - food.  I  did not want  my  family to eat food that had  been treated with toxic chemicals I then started looking into my cleanig products.

Cleaning products  are among  the most toxic substances  that can be found  in the average home. Most household  cleaners  are hazardous to health and  the environment. In recent years , toxic chemicals have been implicated  in the rising incidence of asthma, autism, childhood cancer , leukemia and reduced sperm count.

I researched how to substitute my regular products with products that did not have an impact on my familys health or the environment. 

The supermarkets were very limited with their eco-friendly products and thats when i started making my own products.

My own products only contain ingidiences that are kind to your skin, health, environement and breathing. 

Some of my products can even be used as an alternative medicine for your health problems.

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